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Monday, May 3, 2010

Squeezing the Eagle

Why "squeezing the eagle", you may ask. Many times growing up I would hear my father say he was "squeezing the eagle until it pooped!" No, he was not referring to the fowl that regally soars the air. The reference was to the bird gracing United States currency. He was talking about being so frugal, getting so much out of the dollar, squeezing it so tight that the imprinted eagle would defecate!

After getting married (over 36 years now!) and throughout my life I've taken it all somewhat literally and found many ways to "squeeze the eagle". My frugality became a pleasant challenge. I found that it enabled me to be a full-time mother to my three children (now ages 30, 26, and 22!) and homeschool them to graduation. By saving money other places, it allowed fun family vacations and more.

In today's economy everything seems so uncertain. We never know what lies ahead. Saving money is always good. It is my desire through posts on this blog to show you creative ways in which you can spend less and have more money in your pocket to do with as you please, whether it be save it for emergencies or save it toward a goal of a vacation, home project, or a large purchase.

Frugality can be FUN! I hope you'll join me to see HOW much fun it can be!


Carissa Sechrist said...

Awesome! I can't wait to read all the good tips and tricks I've grown up with!!!

Courtney @ Scraps and Scribbles said...

Hehe the name made me giggle-as did the explanation. Thank for finding me and I look forward to following you!

Janeen DeGeorge said...

Thanks to your daughter Cerella I found your blog. I can't wait to hear all your frugal tips! I too am a frugal person, but am always looking for great tips. My hubby says I can pinch a penny until it cries, but your description is SO much better~

Cherie said...

Thanks to you, Janeen and Courtney for finding ME....I KNOW how Carissa found me! It's always nice to have your DAUGHTER following your blog! I'm BRAND new to this blogging stuff and I fear not so proficient yet, but it's GREAT having a few followers while I learn!

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